Revitalize Health Spa

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Weight Loss
Reduced Inflammation*
Increase cell rejuvenation*
Improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging*
Pain Relief and Muscle healing*
Improves joint function*

Oxygen Aromatherapy

Increase energy levels
Improve mood*
Improve concentration*
Improve sports performance*
Reduce stress*
Provide relief for headache and migraine*

Cryo Facials

*Help treat lines and fine wrinkles *
Encourages Collagen production*

Assist treatment of Acne, Psoriasis and eczema*
helps reduce enlarged pores

IV Therapy

Recover from Hangover
Relieve stress and invoke calming
Improve appearance and clear toxins
Improve overall brain function
Replenish depleted vital mineral and vitamin levels
Fuel and support the immune system

Infrared Sauna

Boost Metabolism and Lose Fat
Sweat Out the Toxins*
Improve Heart Health*
A Passive Cardio Workout*
Experience Bliss and Reduce Stress*
Slow Down and Reverse Aging

State of the art Tanning

Featuring 16 Wolff High Output Lamps, 8 SunFusion High Output Arm and Face Lamps and 8 SunFusion High Output Face Lamps.
We offer the ultimate in indoor tanning with the largest tanning surface on the market, this tanning bed will give tanners the even, golden tan they are longing for while minimizing exposure time.

Revitalize Health Spa offers a unique variety of services designed to enhance, rejuvenate, and revitalize your body. Our non-invasive procedures, can slow down the aging process, helping you look and feel better.

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